Laboratory of smart molecules,
Research Institute for Electronic Science,
Hokkaido University

Mailing Address;
Hokkaido 001-0020 JAPAN

TEL:+81-11-706-9356  FAX:+81-11-706-9357


Access to Research Institute for Electronic Sceience

●JR Sapporo Sta. From North Exit of JR Sapporo Sta., walk 10 min. to the Hokkaido Univ.main gate.
You’ll see the Administration Bureau on your right where you can take a Loop-Line bus on campus
and get off at [Sousei-Kagaku-Kenkyu-Tou-Mae] (CRIS)(10th bus stop)

●Kita-18-Jo Sta. (Subway Nanboku Line for Asabu) Walk 20 min. to RIES new building.



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